Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello! Contentment and Money

So it's been a while.

So I am very happy with the stuff I have. I have a 17" monitor for the desktop, and a older (but flat glass) CRT TV (like 23" or so). And until a couple of weeks ago I was very content with that; we run a pretty tight budget, and so while newer stuff would be good to have, I didn't really think about (and therefore want) much more.

And then I got an OPA (a "good job" at work, with monetary bonus) and some birthday money from my parents. And suddenly I had enough money to get a flat panel, or a projector, or a new cell phone, or...

And I pursued these things; but in order to get a new discounted phone, I was required to get a data plan (for $30 a month) too; which I neither wanted or needed. I could get a flat panel, but Jennifer really preferred a projector. I could get a projector, but LED technology is starting/currently shaking things up, and prices look to be coming down over the next few months...

And then it sort of dawned on me; I was a lot more discontent with all my searching and wanting then I was with what I previously just had. And at the end of the day, if I am given a bunch of unexpected cash, is satisfying my own desires really the way I want to use it?

It may seem silly; I mean, it's not a new car whenever I want one, I know. It's not thousands upon thousands; what I am talking about is well under the 1k mark. But when I didn't have a real income (high school, college), I thought that if I ever win the lottery, I'd give this much away (family, charities, what have you), then use this (relatively smaller portion) on some really cool stuff for myself. But I am starting to think that if I don't follow that same pattern with smaller unexpected money, will I really follow that pattern with larger money that I will have later?

Just some interesting thoughts that I've been going through recently.